5 Expert Tricks To Cut Down The Noise Around Your Home

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Constant commotion and chaos abound in everyday life, especially when you live in a busy place like New York. However, such things should be far from home.

The home should be a palace of relaxation. This is why you should endeavor to make your interior a peaceful place free from noise and where you have silent moments and calm.

Constant noise can be harmful to your well-being. Additionally, constant exposure to sounds can affect your hearing in the long term. So, if you wish to cut down on the noise around your home, here are four tricks you can try.

● Soundproof your windows and doors

To cut down on noise in your home, you can perform a door, window and wall insulation based on your home’s structure. However, when you can’t embark on a complete home insulation project, you can perform a simple window and door soundproofing to reduce the noise.

Moreover, experts at soundproof windows nyc suggest installing soundproof glass windows which are specifically made to cut down noise from street commotion by about 42 decibels. Additionally, you can choose to double-glaze your windows to restrict sounds.

● Reduce reflected sounds

Sounds can reflect hard surfaces such as ceilings, gloves, or walls. And this adds to the noise level in your home. You can decide to use rubber textile mats on your walls and also shag rugs on your ceiling to reduce the noise within your home.

They can also absorb sounds coming from other adjacent units. This ensures that sounds like barking, voices, or sounds made by running vacuum cleaners don’t reflect.

● Install window inserts

You can also consider installing window inserts when you wish to reduce noise in your house. These are acrylics or clear glass lanes that are installed over existing windows.

Window Inserts are made to create airtight seals that can reduce noise by half or more. Most are usually made to pop out when not needed, meaning you get to open your window for fresh air when needed.

● Add soundproof curtains

When you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, you might need to take action by installing soundproof glass windows. When your window is installed, you can add sound-blocking curtains that are made to reduce street noise.

Note that these curtains only work best when you use them to soundproof windows. Therefore, it might be a waste of money to install soundproof curtains as a stand-alone.

● Add furniture

Furniture acts as a natural insulator. When you place couches or chairs strategically, they can soften outdoor noises. You can also consider getting a tall bookshelf for walls you share with neighbors.

Several dense materials, such as towels, clothing, and books, can excellently transfer sounds. So, you can choose a fully-stuffed sofa over plain sofas since things cushy and overstuffed can absorb incoming noise.

That’s A Wrap

Noise can cause fatigue and stress. Your home should be a palace where you unwind in peace and drop off your day’s trouble. If you live in a noisy environment, soundproofing your doors and windows and other tips mentioned above might be your solution to eliminating your noise-related issues.

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