Common Dining Room Table Shapes, Sizes and Base Types

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Undoubtedly, the dining room is one of the essential parts of the home. As a result, many homeowners do their best to ensure that this home section is adequately designed.

A dining room table can breathe life into your home. There are hundreds of options when choosing a dining room table for your home. Each of these options will suit your family differently. However, some essential factors must be considered before choosing a final option. They include the size, shape, and base type of the table.

This piece will look at the common sizes, shapes and base types of dining room tables. Let’s begin!

Table Shapes

A dining room table can come in different shapes, depending on the manufacturer. However, your best bet is to pick a table that comfortably sits in your dining room. This means that the shape of your table should maximise the space around that part of your home.

You need to note that the shape of your dining room table will also influence the number of people that sit around it. Most rectangular tables are great for maximising the space in a room and usually come with many seats (up to 6). However, you’re more likely to come across rectangular or round tables.

They are the most common type of dining table you’ll find in most homes. On the other hand, round tables are recommended for spacious dining rooms or open space concepts. These tables are great for creating an intimate setting, but many people can’t use them.

Table Sizes

A dining room table can easily be designed according to your desired specifications. However, there are some general size specifications that you may come across. Small rectangular tables range between 30 – 36 wide and 48 – long, while their length may be increased to 60.

Large rectangular dining tables are usually 42” wide by 60” long., But you may choose to increase the length to exceed 60″ if you plan to accommodate more than six people.

When shopping for a round table, you’ll come across the following sizes;

  • 36″ diameter – 2 people
  • 42″ – 48″ diameter – 4 people
  • 54″ – 60″ diameter – 6 people

Table Base Types

The base type of the table will influence the appearance and comfort of those sitting there. The base of a dining room table is the legs that support the tabletop. Most rectangular tables come with four legs at the corners of the table. These legs allow chairs to be pulled in close. Larger rectangular dining tables may also have a trestle base.

Round dining room tables may also come with a pedestal base at the centre of the table. A few round tables may come with four legs, limiting the number of seats that can be used.


And that’s all on the common shapes, sizes, and base types. When choosing your preferred dining room table, you can use this information to narrow down your options.

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