Mobile Device Security

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What is it?

The ability to protect company data such as email from being compromised due to theft of, loss of, or malicious applications on mobile devices.

The Problem:

  • Is your Acceptable Usage Policy still a work-in-progress?
  • Many companies have a BYOD initiative, but no mobile device security
  • Does your asset inventory list need an update?
  • Have you had corporate mobile devices lost or stolen?
  • Are you mobile devices unencrypted and leaving you concerned about a potential data breach?
  • Have your users failed to implement the standard security policies on their mobile devices?
  • Are your employees using their own personal devices like an iPad or Netbook for access to your network?

The Solution:

Creating and enforcing mobile security policies are a critical first step in locking down your mobile devices.  Your employees need to understand how to report stolen or lost equipment as soon as it happens.  They also need to understand what’s at stake for your company should a data breach happen that would impose fines and compliance violations due to their neglect.

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