Web Security

Gateway | Hybrid | Hosted

What is it?

Establishing rules by user, Active Directory Group, IP Address or network range that allow access to legitimate, business related websites, while protecting against unwanted, malicious or potentially harmful content.

The Problem:

  • Anti-Virus programs do not protect against zero day threats
  • Legitimate sites are comprised on a daily basis
  • In a June 2012 article, Google reported finding over 9,500 new malicious websites every day!
  • More users access social websites, such as YouTube and Facebook for business and hackers take full advantage of this fact
  • Relying on software running on the desktop to protect users from these threats is out dated and inherently flawed.  Malware and malicious sites must be stopped at the gateway, before entering the network.

The Solution:

Implementing solutions that block malicious sites, provides real-time security scanning and updates, HTTPS visibility, while still allowing employees to use the Internet as a business tool, such as web 2.0 and social networking.

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