Data Security

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What is it?

Data Security is the process of identifying, classifying and securing confidential and/or regulatory data to keep this data from being transmitted out of the company where no controls exist to protect it.  Data Security allows companies to protect its Intellectual Property and the Personal Identifiable Information of its employees, while maintaining business continuity.

The Problem:

  • Many companies do not know what there critical data is, or where it resides
  • Many companies do not know who has access to critical data
  • Many companies secure their critical data as if it were any other data on their network
  • Many companies see Data Security as a regulatory “check the box” option and not a way to protect the company’s assets
  • Broken business processes that lead to inadvertent data loss, posting data to websites, personal email, etc.
  • No visibility into how critical data is traversing or leaving the network

The Solution:

Data Security solutions that identify critical data at rest, in motion or in use and allow for the creation of policies to govern the appropriate use of this data and provide visibility into this activity.

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