Leather Furniture: What You Should Know and How to Clean

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Although a tad expensive, leather furniture has held up a reputation for elegance, durability, and comfort. They are also easier to clean and unlike fabric furniture, do not hold in odor and as much moisture.

However, due to their durability, it is important that you care for them and so, suck out as much value as you can from them. But how do you go about it? How do you ensure that you do not damage your leather sofa? This article should answer your questions.

A few things you should know about leather furniture

Leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance are usually very confusing. They may look easy to clean, feel more luxurious and put up the appearance of being rugged. However, leather furniture maintenance requires a level of meticulousness fabric furniture doesn’t. It is why we have made available a few facts so you know just what you are dealing with.

The protective finishing

Some leather furniture is coated with a shiny protective layer that makes them easier to maintain. However, not all leather seats have this coating. So to be sure your furniture is coated, all you need to do is look for an unnoticeable layer and lightly scratch. A scratch mark is usually an indication that it is unprotected and you might need to be extra cautious.

Moisture is dangerous

Although leather might appear to reject moisture, you shouldn’t risk it. This is because the molecules could absorb moisture. Too much absorption could destroy the material. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how much moisture you are using to clean.

Cleaning your leather furniture

Before you begin cleaning your leather furniture, it is important to note that not all cleaning products can be used to maintain the leather. I’ll personally advise that you use mild, organic cleaning solvents.

You could also choose from a range of leather cleaners in the market while taking into account your furniture’s quality. So, lesser quality leather will require more care and therefore, the mildest products on the market.

Since you now know this, here are the steps you could follow to clean your leather furniture:

Step 1: clear out dust and debris

You could just easily use a brush for this step. A battery-powered, portable vacuum with a soft brush fixture will also do.

Step 2: Clean it

A great mixture you could use to clean is the white vinegar and water mixture. Mix equal parts of each of these solvents, then dampen a clean, lint-free material and use it to gently wipe off the furniture’s surface. Make sure the material doesn’t have too much moisture.

Step 3: Allowing to dry

After you have cleaned, never forget to dry out any moisture. After you have manually dried it, it would be better for your leather if you leave it alone so it dries out completely.

Step 4: Polish it

To achieve this, you could either buy a conditioner or use natural alternatives. Next, apply a little quantity to a lint-free material and proceed to polish it and that’s it! Good as new.


The longevity of your leather furniture is highly dependent on how well you take care of it. Cleaning it could be tricky. However, you could always seek the help of a professional. Reach out to a reputable leather upholstery cleaning expert today for the best result.

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